Course description

Length : 2 hours of video + estimated 1.5 hours of self practice

This is the first module of (planned) series called "Pyramid of Refactoring" dedicated to achieving Clean Code.

We use refactoring techniques and perform all the changes live. The student downloads the source code and performs all the changes together with the trainer - step by step. In this sample we make use of Interpreter Design Pattern as goal of our refactoring journey. The Interpreter Pattern is accompanied by two creational design patterns - Factory Method and Fluent Builder, which are also result of refactoring activities.

SOLID Principles will be explained in practice instead of teaching the sole theory.

The journey allows us practice code transformations like :

- Replace Loop with Stream
- Extract Delegate / Class
- Extract Interface
- Extract Parameter Object
- Replace Method with Method Object
- Extract Method / Variable
- Move Method- Inline Method / Variable


19 lessons 2 h 3 m
Here is the introduction module
Here are refactoring basics

2. Business meaning of refactoring

2 m

3. Pyramid of Refactoring - discovery journey

2 m
Climbing up the Pyramid of Refactoring

5. Sources and Business Domain explained

4 m

8. Extract Delegate/Class - MaterialSpec

8 m

10. Replace Method with Method Object - PlacementSpec

8 m

11. Not Spec - Avoid a queried placement

6 m

12. SOLID Principles help to extract Spec implementations

10 m

13. Generic AndSpec

13 m

14. Factory Methods hide direct usage of constructors

12 m

15. Fluent Builder supports AndSpec creation

12 m

16. Tests Refactoring with Fluent Builder support

7 m

17. Make refactoring part of your daily activities

5 m

18. The most important slide to remember

2 m

19. Thank You!

1 m
Pyramid of Refactoring (Java) - Clean Code Gradually
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